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TriTeq and Five Star Announce System-Wide Deployment


Operator to add locking technology to all refrigeration products



TriTeq Lock & Security LLC, a solution provider of electronic locks and monitoring technology in vending and micro-market retail, today announced a comprehensive agreement with Five Star Food Service, a forward-looking micro market, vending, coffee, and corporate dining services company. Five Star is a franchise of Canteen and one of the nation’s largest i

ndependent convenience service operators. Five Star has begun a two-year initiative to retrofit its base of micro-market based fresh food coolers and freezers with TriTeq Series 2000 FreshIQ Health Timer Locks for single and double door units.

“At Five Star Food Service, we recognize that it is paramount to protect the integrity of our food supply to the end consumer: said Alan Recher, President and CEO

, Five Star Food Service. “TriTeq is the leader in micro-market lock technology and the fact that the product has NAMA Health Timer Lock Certification for over three years speaks volumes for the health lock solution.”

Consumers enjoy the convenience of eating fresh food at the workplace.  The health-timer lock provides an extra level of certainty to the employee and business owner that the food served in the unattended market is safe. TriTeq’s Series 2000 FreshIQ locks continually monitor the temperature and the power source to the cooler.  A function of time and over-temperature or a power outage will cause the glass door cooler/freezer to lock down to prevent the consumer from accessing product that is potentially unsafe.

“The ability to retrofit the lock on almost every piece of existing glass door refrigeration is important to our initiative,” said Mark Stephanos Vice President, Micro-Markets, Five Star Food Service. “The necessary investment in Health Timer Locks is less burdensome when installing TriTeq to company assets.  We also have a distributor fitting TriTeq locks to new coolers before placing the refrigeration in the field.”

“The operator that invests in protecting the consumer will win the day” said William Denison, Chief Executive Officer, TriTeq Lock & Security. “TriTeq is committed to food safety-related products with technology that is simple to install and easy to diagnose for service. Our FreshTraq on-site monitoring systems are state-of-the-art and provide remote diagnostics, locking and unlocking from a computer or smartphone.  We are pleased to partner with Five Star Food Service to provide locking technology on new and existing refrigeration products.”

About Series 2000 FreshIQ Health Timer Locks:

Available for both single and double door models, the NAMA certified and NSF compliant FreshIQ lock can retrofit the following cooler and freezer manufacturers:

Habco, Imbera, Liebherr, MinusForty, Mimet, Royal, QBD, True, Pro-Cool, FrigoGlass

About FreshTraq Temperature Monitoring and Remote Lock/Unlock:

Launched in March 2017, FreshTraq continuously monitors your refrigeration equipment and allows you to control your entire operation remotely.

  • Save time and money by eliminating trips to your micro market
  • No more guessing how your refrigeration equipment is performing
  • Always know the exact temperature of your equipment
  • Ability to check your equipment 24/7

About Five Star Food Service

Five Star Food Service, based in Chattanooga, TN, is the Southeast’s premier on-site food and beverage solution provider to employers and other commercial, institutional, and educational locations. Five Star is a leader in micro-markets,    full-service vending, coffee services, full-service dining, and catering across Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Founded in 1993, Five Star Food Service has grown to one of the largest privately held operators in the United States and is a franchise of Canteen Vending. For more information visit

About TriTeq Lock & Security:

TriTeq Lock & Security, LLC is a premier food safety technology provider in the unattended retail industry. TriTeq has been delivering the world’s most accurate and reliable electronic latching and security systems for over 17 years.

TriTeq… securing your success!

For Five Star Food Service: Sales Inquiries:
C. J. Recher, 423-643-2617
[email protected]
Contact TriTeq Lock & Security             +1 (847) 640-7002                  [email protected]

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