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FreshIQ Operating Videos

Do I need a P1 key-fob to install the lock?

The FreshIQ electronic lock is preprogrammed to a P1 when shipped from the factory. Once the the lock is installed, use the P1 key to unlock the lock. Once the lock is opened, the key-code can be changed to a custom key-code which can be learned into as many locks as desired.

How do I unlock the unit?

To unlock the FreshIQ, point the P1 key-fob at the lock LED and press large fob button.
Confirm the LED is solid GREEN and the doors are unlocked.

How do I program a new key-fob?

1. Lock the lock using the current key-fob
2. Unlock the lock using the key-fob 3. Press the program button for 5 seconds
4. Point the new keyfob at the LED light and press the center button
5. The LED will flash green when the new keyfob is programmed
6. Test the new key by locking and then unlocking the lock

What is the battery I need for replacement?

Replace the 9V rechargeable battery every 2 years. When the battery is replaced, it is recommended that the unit is
retested per the above instructions to confirm operation.

How do I know which lock to order?

To order a FreshIQ lock, simply select the type of kit you need, either single-door lock or double-door lock kits, select the manufacturer, and specify whether it is for a cooler or freezer.

Can I use the same keyfob for multiple locks?

Yes, the key-fob can be used to access as many locks as desired.  This feature can be very useful as one control key-fob can be used to manage security in a large enterprise, saving both time and money.